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tv   [untitled]    January 6, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PST

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the faithful for speakers of that associate with them for more than 10 years, about 12 years since i first moved to the bay area in 2002. that was when i joined the unitarian universalist church in san francisco. gary and franklin. i met the cofounders of the faithful a [inaudible] minister named [inaudible]. k juergens and and or partner [inaudible] and the faithful. change my life. i have personally participated in their programs. their ministry of witness. a advocacy education and the arts. they understand the role of expressive arts and healing from addiction and mental illness the bad luck that puts people on the streets. i personally participated in their movie nights in their annual fundraiser. i've been a donor i've included them in my estate plan. they have regular
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zen meditation space e-book and walk in off the street and spent an hour in quiet. they have regular bible studies, movie nights. i've read plays of playwriting workshop i've attended art showings. i've been part of their play leading workshop. it is just an amazing ministry that the basic point is to accompany people in person through their ups and downs in the streets rather than sitting in a place of detachment and judgments. their core ministry of bringing middle-class people together with people don't have access to wealth and privilege by walking on the street on the regular street retreats i figure eloquent testimony to their presence as a as a community building organization. certainly not a trace of [inaudible] thank you. >> perfect timing bank. and in
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the public comment on this, seeing none public, and is) no. commissioners, >> i later moved to approve, condition number one. i would've to say from the police change it to, notify as a pdm neighbors of the events. number two, adhere strictly to security plan. number three, will not use permit until soundproofing of establishment and also some test with reasonable level of acceptance by the entertainment commission is established. for, use the permit until 12 pm with dj music
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only on friday and saturday after three months review the sf pd calls and service and community complaints in the first three months would then enable them -- enable the permit holder to remove the conditions of the entertainment commission. >> so doesn't sound like you're changing any language >> i am changing some ways. i don't believe we should have agreed to reach out to blah blah the faithful. i think it is too specific actually. i don't think we can say you have to reach out to this organization. so i think that notify neighbors and as pd of events is something we can say. so i like to [inaudible] that. i just want to take out, the security plan is not completely 100 percent [inaudible] so why don't you put a bunch of limits on to what it is but the agreed security plan should be held up
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is what i think number two should be >> okay so permit holder adhere to find a security plan >> two final security plan >> okay >> that i want to get rid of a lot of the professional companies [inaudible]. i think soundproofing of establishment and sometimes with reasonable level accepted by the entertainment commission is enough >> is that not already just up [inaudible] does need to be part of the condition unless those >> i think that what he's saying is the permit won't be issued until adequate sounding proofing. >>.it >> that's when the three months will start >> correct >> then condition for doesn't sound like you're changing anything really >> well it was more the wording. i was confused. arthur was not going be able to use the permit at all on friday and saturday and i want to make sure that it was stated so that
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we all understood uses of the permit until 12 with dj music only on fridays and saturdays as we've stated >> that is clearer. does everyone understand those changes can i just clarify for the three months timeline, do you want them coming back to our commission or for staff to have their discussion >> i think the staff can have their discussion at their point. >> okay. is that clear, >> we can work with tenderloin station >> yes because it is sf pd in there as well >> all rights. >> i'll second the moment and outreach for number one. [inaudible] in addition to the neighbors in the sf pd >> sure. all rights. is there a second the motion that would've clarified what it is >> i will second it should have any further discussion the director >> the point of clarification.
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i understand your not wanting to be specific regarding [inaudible] pools but however, been less than specific opens this permit holder up to a violation. >> can we say as an organization, >> is much clear for us to enforce because then yes they did or no they didn't with respect to one organization. it's easy for someone to consider a neighbor without any idea of how far a neighbor were talking about to suggest they weren't communicated with and they're in violation. does that make sense, i know what -- i feel like were trying to ensure something by a condition needs to be enforceable condition >> i just didn't think was possible to single out an organization make them part of
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a are not >> i think are similar because they literally are next-door and share two walls. i think that's what that means. so i don't know if you want to be more specific with respect to [inaudible] with your neighbor next-door but it has to be something >> to know whether someone is in violation not >> i think neighbors share adjoining walls >> that's fine. that's clear. >> that's helpful. that's fine with the second. >> yes >> great. let's take a vote. cheers on the motion to approve this permit the conditions to one, notify san francisco tenderloin station, immediate next-door neighbors in san francisco entertainment commission of events, to adhere strictly to the agreed final security plan three no permit will be issued until adequate soundproofing and some test has been taken; four, djs are allowed fridays and saturdays until midnight and then a
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review of what the san francisco police department and entertainment commission can with the condition. >> so number four, if it could say use a permit until 12 with dj music only on fridays and saturdays >> okay use of permit until 12 pm with djs only on friday and saturday. okay. >> thanks >> on a motion commissioner frost aye commissioner lee aye commissioner jensen to the commissioner hyde to commissioner moshoyannis aye dick commissioner tan aye >> all right >> thanks for doing all the work. >> we welcome for buying you sometime. >> so, car next permit this is the hall which is part of the midmarket plan. kelly feuer is
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here from the hall. just you know this another one by proxy where it's a temporary activation of a place that's going to change you said be developed soon. i know they anticipate the hall will be there until 26. their whole bunch of fancy gourmet food vendors inside. you should all check it out but now they like to add some music, entertainment. seven station approves of this permit the good neighbor policy and with that altered you kelly >> good evening. so the intended use of this permit is to have free and open you sick at our space for our neighbors in community. right now, the hall is open until 8:00 pm and the intention is to hold limited lively music event from six-8 pm weekly ideally on that later acquired her nightly tuesday the live night live music will be ending at 8 pm when the property closes. we've done some outreach both with patrons of the space, the
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neighbors of the hall of the san christina and also brought the record this request to folks from the market street for the masses coalition to get their support as well. i think that's the general plan. >> great. any questions from commissioners >> did you say you did outreach to the san christina, >> yes >> okay great >> any other questions no went to have a seat. i do know there's a police year to speak to the conditions. another one is just a comply with the good neighbor policy. should have good evening commissioners. ronnie codecs [inaudible] on the new permit guy i guess. so, come out with kelly. we did a
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walk-through. seven station we didn't perceive any problems so we recommended approval. the closest was the 1000 market, the san christina and when they said they did outreach their and talked with them and did everything else was real commercial and we all know 1000 block of market street could use a little good publicity. so, we approved it and that was it. church of great. thank you very much. is there any public comment on the hall? not one public comment is closed. commissioners anyone want to make a motion >> in appreciation for doing something with a jar of those and i moved to approve >> the second >> all right. any other comments? sam houston called
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>> the motion passes. we move on to item c the oasis. >> the oasis return of the horses after several incarnations in a few years of [inaudible] the post i'm [inaudible] have taken over 298 11th street which is a one point kelly and bait and previously was the oasis. so, seven station submitted a list of conditions. the fiber as a book of entertainment and extended hours premises permit. you have the conditions that they submitted in your binder but i think i'm going to leave it up to the folks here with the fair and jeff benjamin [inaudible] come on up and talk more about what they plan to do and how they plan to do it they can answer any questions for you. >> hi. we are working on a performance space primarily. we want to do cabaret and theater
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and drive shows basically. we will do an early and late show every night at seven o'clock and 10 o'clock. we will have a p&o so sometimes there will be p&o and singing. [inaudible] is going to bring back a weekly drive show with a new name called mother on saturday nights. which were all very excited about. really trying to create something that is another option for tourists who maybe don't want to see each blanket i want baby want to see something a little more san francisco flair. also place for local audiences. something a little bit more josie's juice point used to be where performers from out of town and local can have -- it's a little bit of [inaudible] a little bit of what san francisco is famous
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for and doesn't have any more. we've got a lot of great support from our friends and fans and i think it's something that's really breathe new life was in san francisco and into [inaudible] >> hi i'm [inaudible]. i just want to say we wrestled a lot what to call this new venue and at the end we decided to call it oasis because were hoping that was what it becomes. in a city that many complain is rapidly becoming gentrified and getting some plan is to it, we want a venue to open up that celebrates the arts and performance and a diversity. stuart drake said about that. also i can say a lot of you here, the board had known me. i thought of those for almost 20 years now and i've never been 20 years almost 20 years of throwing events have any problems with people being shot
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or anything. other problems with too much hairspray may be but i've never thrown hundreds of thousands of months without incident. so >> [inaudible] >> okay, so well, one we want to be able to do here early on in the evenings and we want to then -- that open our clubs later like prince is my new nightclub has to open it 10 pm. doors at 10 pm. the show then would start at 11 pm or 11:30 pm and by the time it's over it's 1:00 am. we want to give people an option. dr. goldstone to the street at 2 am they can stick around and dance until three. that sorrows did [inaudible] back at the start. that's always throw my parties
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at [inaudible] and also it's a great way a lot of other friends to throw greater parts [inaudible] we want to bring them over to our venue and we want to give them the option of going after hours if it wants. justin added [inaudible] throwing a party dancing until 3 am. not rush >> and not rushing people out the door so they can be more leisurely pace. [inaudible] >> we met with our outreach remote met with almost all the business owners all of the sioux were getting to be present were talking to them about within our own associations since there are so many new businesses forming in this entertainment core door condition is a lot of us now. the gals over at don ramon of the supportive. there aren't a lot of residential right there
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but we met with the folks who live in the area. we've done some testing on our own. we are surrounded -- we've got a other way on one side [inaudible] fulsome on another the japanese restaurant on the other and they are not complaining. so, were feeling comfortable with the sound levels. we're soundproofing, putting new soundproofing tiles on the roof. where double during the two doors were going to be using. were putting in more speakers so that the volume on anyone will be lower. so the sound will be spread. so were doing things we want for our community because we care about our community work and have a security guard out on 11th street. were having entrance and exits on 11th street. persona 16 cameras and bites
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around the perimeter. more particular concern about the alleys will keep an eye on that. those are the things we are doing. >> pseudo-story? >> single-story, guest >> nothing on the roof? no outdoors or anything, okay. >> that roof has leaked for ever. i hope you have a good door should do something with it. particularly like the name of your llc. it's awesome. [inaudible] that's totally cool and i also think it's about time that tranny shack had a home. this is a san francisco iconoclastic event that is been all over the place. that has his own home is a good thing. i am actually in favor of the going after hours but i think it's a good idea. i agree that once your show is over at 1:30 am to just keep people out the
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door. that's actually it's the oasis is not the [inaudible] here. you have to leave right away so actually think that's a good idea. whether or not you're going to run it because running after hours is up to you but i think it's a great idea. i'm so glad that tranny shack found a home. >> thank you. >> commissioners of the questions >> i'm gladsome things going on there now. it's been ugly for a long time. >> to get that darn [inaudible] ramon gross to like you oh my god. >> [inaudible] they're very thrilled. anybody that kali ente. >> i think just the lighting on the side work with this sushi places next-door, it's a little dark there. i think you're lighting will help. >> [inaudible] that will be
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activated soon and right across the street while another venue i forget the name of it -- but [inaudible] >> [inaudible] >> one person one question i do have basically zero recommending after-hours not be approved for six months. junie thought about that >> i mean this was our first interaction with the police and i think [inaudible] which i think is an indicator that she's not having any incidents in 20 years of producing clubs. so i think there's some people who have had interactions with [inaudible] and you might have a better knowledge and understanding who we are as a business. that so i think were coming out from a different point of view. i think we can
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open with and i think that [inaudible] and [inaudible] chock record of running businesses and clubs nightclubs without infants and performance places without incident should be enough to allow us the benefit of the doubt in starting. >> sure. we'll bring it up a minimum to ask him about it. commissioners and the other questions >> when you ask for -- you talk about 3 am. is that reason asked people to leave or >> i think were not were envisioning sort of a slow progress out. i mean, i envisioned yes probably 3:00 am is probably where were looking at. without serving alcohol after 2:00 am not to be a large number people were sticking around that long but some people leave right away. having attended [inaudible] that's normally how it goes. people
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slowly peter out. >> the majority people leave after the show was done but there may be a third of the people that may want to stick around and dance afterward. i just think would be strange -- having tony's events for a long time and the stranger say shows over okay get out. i like to have people have the option -- and again, i'm not i can't see the future but i can say in the past those been peaceful crowds of people and there's never been incidents with going late. it's never really been past 3:00 am user by 2:30 am returning the music off. people leave of their own accord. >> i do one ask you up question. in event [inaudible] new year's eve and other please do want to go past 3m, >> pastor implement i personally have never thrown a party past 3m did on the kind of promoter. i generally go until 6 am or anything like
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that. just because my shows are so darn long. they often start at 11:00 pm and people are getting their and the show goes into one-1:30 am and already people option and dancing until 2:30 am. i've never gone until after 3m. of course we are bringing other promoters they may want that option. i can't speak for them. i don't know. >> i think if you want everybody 3:00 am the music would have to slow it down like it to 40 5 am. because at 3 am it's posted the cut right at three everybody up by 3m. you have the leaking out effect otherwise the musical just keep going people still will want to stay and hang out past 3m >> [inaudible] maybe 1000 people attend my event by 2:30 am to be 10 people on the dance floor beats a you can cut it. but at 2 am this to maybe a couple hundred people in the
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leave of their own accord. it's not a -- i've never had a drug crime. they're more of a drinking crowd and they tend to lose interest [inaudible] >> extended hours is good because it doesn't impact everybody out in the street. so it's good to have it. i'm supportive >> i think the point is though as the owners of the venue you'll have the permit up to 6:00 am so when you bring in are not promoters maybe not tranny shack already yourself other folks renting a space they want to be aware of because i think they might bring in different crowds in different promoters have different folks that they appeal to. so the folks you name i think will do fine. but i think that's something that were always cautious up with extended hours permits. having been to [inaudible] parties they do [inaudible] trickle out
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so maybe promoter till 4:00 am but there's 10 people laugh about 3:30 am. >> we were talking. that, this is a very strong brand. we talked about a number of different promoters. we don't really want to be known as another circuit party venue. that's not the concept of asking for the after-hours. >> so let me just say after-hours permit weakened condition it to end at three clock in the morning we can give you straight up after hours pub that was to 6:00 am. it's your visit. you should make a decision on how late you go. just because you haven't after-hours to 16 doesn't mean you have to go to 6 am. you can close at 2 am. so i think would be beneficial. a full board extended hours permits going all the way. >> i agree.
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>> okay so i think there doesn't seem any commission or comments allows the police to come up and speak. thank you very much. >> good evening again commissioners. so, first to apologize again putting in the good neighbor policy. i did know was a known stipulation me being rocky and all that. the extended hours, i know would appreciate all of the street is mostly bars and clubs. like you said, everyone knows that corner corner has been dark and homeless in the kind of stuff. i can appreciate they want to stay open late. i was just taking in consideration -- i knows mostly -- there are some residential people has been cops, were usually little more cautious. sweettalk would be listed relation of front and see how well it goes and then
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see if it passes muster it passes muster. in short, cut throat against the wall and hopefully it stopped. i think i know my answer here. >> odyssey, you're not all that hard on that. your flexible >> yes. knowing that's not a club, club djs and young kids you know, the whole drug ecstasy all night running around the streets. everyone seems to know >> taken account [inaudible] >> evelyn seems to know their brand and speak highly of them. i'm not iron fisting it or anything >> any questions from commissioners, thank you very much. him and opened up to public comment. is there any public comment on the oasis, i
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don't see any. public comment is close. commissioners >> i like to move to approve this permit. the poe and extended hours with the good neighbor policy >> that's it. >> pull straight >> yes let them make their own decisions >> i'll second shows up right is a motion on second. any further discussion? let's take a vote. >> on the motion to approve this permit with a good neighbor policy and this is both extended hours and [inaudible] commissioner frost aye commissioner lee aye commissioner hyde aye commissioner moshoyannis aye commissioner [inaudible] president can aye >> all right good luck >>, >> one last one should show
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one must permit >> visit for the metronome dance collective. thus confer limited live performance permit. metronome as you may know having dance studio teaching all kinds of stance the last 30 years. they have in the past had [inaudible] entertainment to an ownership change they did not renew that and they been doing occasional events with one night event permits and then also doing some other stuff. another coming into compliance by getting applying for a limited live performance permit. just a quick note, the building that the [inaudible] was built in 1949 and doing the music therefore a long time. not that longer lease 30 years. another carbon building was built maybe 15 years ago right next to it. we have heard from tenants over the last year, a tenant may be to tenants -- about the volume emanating from the dance studio ceo finding your binder chain of e-mails, the police report
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and some other stuff. a letter from the property management, did you also find that letters of support from the metronome from this neighborhood groups.) the general vicinity so without further ado i'm going to bring up the shell and >> thank you very much. such a wonderful introduction. i don't think i need to go into too much did you been all tried to be brief. on the legal owner of metronome. of any owner for about four years now most of four years. you focus on partner dancing teaching partner dancing. made from newbies to wedding couples getting ready for their first dance. professional competitive dancers. we focus on salsa, swing, ballroom, argentine tango. as i mentioned we have been doing some events. we get our permits [inaudible] by brad pitt was seeking this


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